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25. How This TV Presenter Went From Rock Bottom To Amazing Health And How Her Story May Help You
Episode 2524th May 2020 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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Sally Jacks is my guest this week and in many ways this is an episode of two parts. We start by chatting about Sally's career from pop star to TV presenter and how her many years of presenting on shopping television has meant there's not much she hasn't seen when it comes to beauty products. She tells me about how she does her hair, applies her lashes and cleans her face each night. We then move on to much deeper conversation. Sally talks about how her health got to rock bottom and how she had so many unexplained symptoms for so long. She talks about how she overcame this and we both share our stories about iron deficiency and why iron infusions were life changing for us. This episode is entertaining, emotional and informative. 

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To get more information on iron deficiency you can send your blood test results and symptoms to Dr Caitlin Scott at 

Here’s the things that Sally and Dr Caitlin recommend getting checked with your GP:


Trans ferritin saturation 

Serum iron 


Vitamin D


Or you can get them checked via

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