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The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Show - Bob Gentle : AmplifyMe 10th September 2019
How to embrace imperfection and build a content powerhouse, with Nicole Osborne
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How to embrace imperfection and build a content powerhouse, with Nicole Osborne

Nicole Osborne runs Lolipop social based in London and in this episode she unpacks her business for me and explains - finally - why I keep seeing her with a giant cardboard David Hasslehoff.

About Nicole

Originally from Eastern Germany, Nicole Osborne is a personal brand and social media coach helping small business owners get sweeter marketing results with her new 1:1 coaching programme Wunderstars.

Nicole helps entrepreneurs to increase their visibility on social media with stand-out personal branding and engaging content marketing. Nicole’s marketing career started at the Financial Times nearly 20 years ago. She is a Chartered Marketer and has successfully delivered marketing plans for leading brands, social media agencies and tech start-ups. 

Nicole is a co-founder of GoWithThePro an online membership group which helps social media and digital marketing freelancers to grow their businesses. 

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