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Brandi Bernoskie; Streamline Your Client Onboarding
11th July 2016 • Systems Saved Me® • Jordan Gill
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This episode is brought to you by Personalized Procedures. 


Today, I’m discussing client intake/onboarding processes. My guest is Brandi Bernoskie from Alchemy + Aim. She and I discuss how she improved her client intake system and how it increased the productivity of her business. 


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  • (03:38) Steps Brandi took to create a better client intake system 
  • (07:40) E-mail automation programs 
  • (10:35) Brandi’s best financial investment for her business 
  • (15:05) Brandi’s worst financial investment for her business 
  • (18:12) Onboarding teams with the Kolbe Method 


Quote of the Week: 


“I’m inclined to improv.” -Brandi Bernoskie 




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