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Dune - Chapter 41
Episode 434th February 2021 • Spice World • Spice World
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Ladies, this chapter for you. Mike and Derek stick out like a city stillsuit in the southern sietch. Jessica invites us in and offers us cushions. We get to meet Alia for the first time, and see a whole new side of Harah. Honestly, it's just nice to focus on issues other than Paul for a bit. Alia brings the room to tears when she recounts her awakening. Once the evening prayer begins we don't have much to contribute, so we step back and talk...

-“I deliberately did this.”

-Bootleg Adab Memory

-Mama Bear Harah

-Then we head to the armpit of Orion in Daniel’s Gazetteer

Episode Guide

03:10 Chapter Summary Begins

01:33:45 Harah

01:50:30 Fremen Menstruation

02:01:30 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Bela Tegeuse

02:13:15 Distrans


Ninety Plus Cellars

Rose 2019

“On the backswing I get that feeling of melting ice…”

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