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Knowledge Without College ~ Coffee Break
1st May 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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The Age of Autodidactism

One of our favorite quotes:

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
~multiple sources ((

If you’ve followed our content for awhile, you’ll know that we’re big on education and learning. However, also equally passionate about alternative education.

With eLearning, workshops, and mentoring options available through the internet, education has never been more accessible. There are so many opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

One of our favorite options for creators and entrepreneurs is KBB – Knowledge Based Business founded by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Today, the knowledge of the world is at your fingertips. Your keyboard holds the keys to the kingdom.
~LeAura Alderson,

Debt Free Education

You still have to do the work, but you’re free learn what you need to learn when you need it. For many creators especially, there are so many opportunities to escalate and expedite your education.

Chances are you can go further and faster by focusing on exactly what you need to know next to develop the skills you need for the work you want to do.

Chances are you can obtain the training you need in just weeks or months instead of years. No need to commit years of time and tens of thousands of dollars for college and subsequent debt.

Today’s self-education environment encourages ongoing learning.

We’ve written more about this in an article which we’ve linked in the show notes below. Meanwhile, we also had a Coffee Break conversation on this topic as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

For anyone who remembers research pre-Google! 😉

Apprenticeship and Mentorship

Before the complex school systems, we have today, people used to apprentice under experts in any given craft or trade.

While it’s hard to scale “apprenticeship” we can scale mentorship.

The internet has allowed all of us to package what we know, and teach it to a group of others who are interested.

Sites like CreativeLive, Udemy,, and countless others offer free and paid training for almost any topic you could think of.

Earn While You Learn

One of the topics we discuss in our Coffee Break is the idea of working for someone in an area that you want to succeed in, maybe for cheap or even free.

Even if you are working for free, you’re still not shelling out loads of money or going into massive debt, to learn. And you can always freelance and/or build your business on the side.

There are a lot of benefits for not immediately plunging into school! 🙂

Conversation Topics

  • Self-education
  • Outdated school system
  • Resources for learning
  • Earning while learning
  • Apprenticeship
  • Monetizing from your art
  • Pursuing interests


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