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Beginning Of A Bull Or Bear Market?
Episode 7111th July 2023 • Two Blokes Trading • Rory & Jonathan! (Two Blokes Trading)
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Jonathan and Rory take over as Mike has departed from Two Blokes Trading to become a portfolio analyst at one of the UK’s leading pension funds. We wish Mike all the best in his new role and thank you for your valuable contribution to the podcasts.

Last week seen US labour markets remain tight with unemployment declining to 3.6% from 3.7%, clearing the path for the Federal Reserve to hike a further 25bps in their meeting at the end of the month.

Jonathan asks Rory what his view is on the current economic cycle, including if he thinks the fed have further to go in terms of interest rate hikes and what a stronger labour market means for the Dollar and US risk assets including equities.

Currently US indices are in a strong bull market backed by a divergence of data from recent PMI’s that are suggesting the economy may be contracting, Jonathan asks Rory his opinion and where he sees many assets heading such as GBP/USD , EUR/USD, WTI Crude Oil and Gold.

Jonathan also asks Rory for his opinion on Apple to which Rory thinks they are a great company but may be overvalued due to their “household name “ nature.  What he means by this is how he expressed in the podcast that If any retail trader had £100 to invest in a company, chances are they will choose Apple as they know the name.

Rory also says that Apple’s success is down to their ability to make people repurchase a similar product such as the iPhone where people continually roll from phone contracts or simple just purchase a new phone to have the latest device.

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