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Taking the Leap: Leaving 9-to-5 for 9-to-9
Episode 230th April 2024 • Vegans Who Lift Podcast • Vegans Explore
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This episode of the "Vegans Who Lift" podcast on the Vegans Explore Network provides valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of leaving traditional employment for entrepreneurship. It emphasizes the critical role of mindset and self-belief in achieving personal and professional success.


John and Brooke introduce the episode’s theme: transitioning from a traditional 9-to-5 job to starting your own business, framed as moving to a "9-to-9" entrepreneurship lifestyle.

Discussion Topics:

  • Mindset for Success: The hosts discuss the importance of mindset in taking risks and believing in oneself when leaving a steady job to pursue personal business ventures.
  • Practical Steps: They share their personal experiences and practical steps for starting a business, managing time, and handling the psychological stresses of entrepreneurship.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Brooke talks about her struggles with health issues that impacted her physical fitness goals and how she adjusted her lifestyle and mindset to overcome these challenges.
  • Personal Wins: Both hosts share their recent personal victories. Brooke details her unexpected weight loss after overcoming health hurdles, and John discusses implementing work-life balance techniques.

Listener Interaction:

  • The hosts encourage listener participation through questions and share how they connect with their audience.

Concluding Thoughts:

  • The episode wraps up with reflections on personal growth, the importance of health, and maintaining balance while pursuing ambitious goals.




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