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The Four Killer Sales Questions
Episode 7026th May 2023 • The Profitable Tradie Podcast • Tony Fraser-Jones
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Sales isn’t just something you do, it’s a whole profession.

There’s lots of techniques and tricks you can use to fine tune your selling.

Here’s one you can use straight away.

It’s called the Four Sales Questions.

They’ll help you...

  • Spend less time pricing work just for someone to say no
  • Win you more jobs
  • Have more control when selling
  • Spend less time on the phone with tire kickers

There will always be people who waste your time, but these questions will help you weed them out quicker.

Question 3, ‘What’s important for you with this project’ helps you understand what they’re looking for.

You can use it to line up what's important to them with how your business can solve their exact problem, showing you’re the right team for the job.

If they say, “to get the job done fast”, you know you’ll need to be organized, and they’ll be sensitive to delays.

Then you can explain how your job checklists and well trained crew get things right the first time so jobs get finished quicker.

If they say, “we want something that’ll be reliable”, you know to offer the higher end products, and that they’ll be less sensitive to price.

Then you can tell them about your product guarantees and how standards are enforced with your team.

That’s just a few of the ways the question helps your sales process.

The other 3 questions are all covered in this training.

Let’s get into it.


  • 4 Sales Questions to use straight away that will win you more jobs
  • Spend less time being messed around by tire kickers
  • Have more control when you’re selling
  • Better understanding of your customers needs to deliver a higher quality service


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