Philanthropy, Pivoting and Improvement - Season 6 in Review
Episode 926th January 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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Season 6 of the Blackletter podcast is wrapping up! Today, we take a look at the highlights of this past season, from notable guests to complex topics. Tom discusses subjects like incorporating charity into business, pivoting during the pandemic, empowering women and much more. The Blackletter guests share their advice to business owners on how and why they should network, grow and fail forward.  

Philanthropy, Pivoting and Improvement:   

Philanthropy (1:04) 

Tom chats about the importance of philanthropy with Braven Greenelsh, Sharon Virts and Peter Burnett. Braven discusses how he has integrated philanthropy into his business Threegood, while Sharon chats about the call to action. Peter speaks on practicing kindness and community.  

Pivoting during the Pandemic (4:19) 

Ingrid Vanderveldt explains her campaign Empowering a Billion Women, and how her network rose to meet the challenges of the pandemic. Scott Harris discusses how he pivoted his business to provide sanitizing alcohol.  

Women in Business (8:00) 

Ingrid shares how integrating women into business benefits the economy, and what we can do to help activate them.  

Advice for Business Owners (12:37) 

Sabrina Shafer advocates that every business owner remains honest but harness the data at their fingertips. Kristina Bouweiri believes that networking, groups and learning hold the key to self-improvement, growth and success.  

Fail Forward (17:58) 

Running towards something is always better than running away from something. Larry Sharpe, the Managing Director of The Neo-Sage Group talks about finding love, respect and purpose. He warns entrepreneurs about the “employee mindset” and how to overcome it.