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Magically Optimize Your BUSINESS STRATEGY + AUTOMATION with Jen Levitz
Episode 1815th February 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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My guest on this episode makes magic happen when it comes to the tech behind launching, marketing, and automation. Take a look at her branded marketing and you’ll see she even has the wand to prove it.

In Jen’s words, she once lived the life of a Business Muggle, at times feeling powerless and wishing she could just take a quick broomstick ride to success. Until one day, Jen discovered the magical blend that would change her business and life forever. Now today, she teaches entrepreneurs how to brew their own special profit potions!

As a life-long lover of learning, Jen takes every opportunity to soak up knowledge that will improve the systems and operation of any business. That is her Ravenclaw soul shining through her work. The success of the businesses Jen and her team works with is, and always will be, their number one priority and passion.

We had a great conversation about systems and strategy that I think online entrepreneurs will reap the benefits from — no matter what stage you are at in your business.

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 Highlights from this Episode

  • How she helps clients create their strategic vision for their business and move it forward.

  • All about CRMs and translating the language used in each system and understanding what they can do for you.

  • Prepping your systems for your growing business for the now and getting your mindset in shape to plan to upgrade down the road.

  • The 4 levels of online business ownership and the support and strategy you’ll need to thrive.

  • The benefits of pruning and purging your email list.

  • Conversations around customizing tech solutions for online businesses.

  • How to create a win-win when partnering with an online service professional, and how to recognize whether it's a good fit.

  • The importance of setting boundaries, objectives, and having a defined scope.




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