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Ed Treat's Story
Episode 922nd June 2021 • My Story of Addiction & Grace • Pastor Ed Treat
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Pastor Ed Treat lives in Minnetrista, Minnesota, and is the founder and CEO of the Center of Addiction & Faith. He is also the host of this podcast. After 8 episodes his producer, Marshall Saunders, of the Minnesota Podcasting in St. Paul, Minnesota asked him, “When are we going to hear your story of Addiction & Grace?”

In this episode Marshall Saunders interviews Pastor Ed as he shares his personal journey of addiction & recovery--becoming a Lutheran pastor then following God’s call to develop a national ministry to help faith communities to better respond to addiction. His passion is expanding the conversation around addiction to help us understand we all suffer with this problem and there is healing if we just properly recognize the issue and take a few simple steps.

Ed lives with his wife, Karen, also a Lutheran pastor. They have four grown children, two married, and are enjoying their first grandchild. Ed recently wrote his first novel called, The Pastor, a cozy murder mystery about a recovering alcoholic Lutheran pastor who solves a murder in his parish, available in print, Kindle, or audio book at Amazon.

Addiction takes many forms and knows no boundaries. Anyone is susceptible to this cunning baffling and powerful disease, even clergy. In fact, clergy are more susceptible than average because of the nature of their work. In this podcast you will hear the personal testimonies of clergy who were caught in the hell of addiction and by the grace of God found a way out. Listen to their powerful stories of what it was like while they were addiction, what happened that caused them to get free, and what it’s like now for them living in recovery.

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