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The Poo Cocktail: Jackass Season 1 Episode 1 Breakdown Revisit
Episode 1056th April 2023 • Jackast: A Jackass Podcast • Mikey Ehrenworth, Chris Ehrenworth
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We're back to where it all began! This is a re-release of Episode 1 of Jackast which originally aired April 1st, 2021.

When we started this podcast we set out with a goal to review every single mainline entry in the Jackass franchise.

Having wrapped our review of Jackass: 3D, we wanted to take a look back at where we started. So much context has been added to our appreciation of Jackass, but 2 years ago we decided to start out journey at the very beginning: Season 1 Episode 1 of Jackass.

Since starting the podcast we've gained far more listeners than we ever could have expected, but many of you only started listening around the time of Jackass: Forever.

We decided to spend this week looking back at our first ever episode, and re-posting it for those of you who may have missed it.

Keep in mind this was our first go-around, so the vibe is quite a bit different, and we were still a bit green at the time.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy this nostalgic trip down memory lane.




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