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From Startup to Industry Giant with Kevin Eder
31st August 2022 • Marketing 4 Business • Scott Wilson
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Starting in 1996 Kevin Eder built Tradestaff from a small rented office in Sydenham to a nationwide industry giant in the recruitment space.

In this episode, you will discover valuable insights into growing your business in tough economic times.

Here's a snapshot of From Startup to Industry Giant:

* What Kevin did after being laughed at by his corporate employer and how it motivated him to grow Tradestaff.

* How the chicken and the egg approach helped Kevin add value to his first five clients

* Being Sales Focused - in 96, unemployment was 9.5%, and most employers were not looking to hire more people.

* From Tempstaff to Tradestaff - the funny story of how Tradestaff got its name.

*Kevins No.1 Sales Rule - most people miss this and miss sales because of it.

* Foundation Clients - who they are and why they are essential to your business growth.

* The Combine Harvester approach to business and why every good action taking business owners needs a Baler following behind and clean up.

* What the GFC taught Kevin and how he used it to grow the business in really tough economic times.

* And so much more ;-)

Have fun and enjoy listening and learning from this awesome business podcast.