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055 : Irma Dehoyos-Rojas – Applying an Ivy League education to a Growing Amazon eCommerce Business.. Want to guess what happens!
28th December 2015 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Irma is the proverbial Coal Mine success story! (Ok not really but she did work in a coal mine!) This is one well-education seller. From undergrad at Princeton on to an MBA from Kellogg School at Northwestern University, Irma is destined (some would say programmed) for incredible business success. She delivers in a big way. What you are about to hear is someone who went to Business school, learned how to create, set-up and continuously run a successful business. I love the breakdown of steps, the consistent approach that we can all learn from. Sit back, listen once, take notes, contemplate, then go listen again and then create a plan of action and as Irma would say…Now go AND take action. (Most won’t, so taking the first step already sets you apart. Go, go, go……








Irma mentioned:

Google trends – Learn what others are searching for

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“I get immediate feedback from selling on Amazon”

“We don’t know what we know or what we don’t know”

“I look for trends..I want to be at the BEGINNING of a trend, not at the end”

“Having well-trained, reliable employees that you can count on, allows me to focus on what I love to do: Develop future bundles, find great sources for them and increase sales!”

“If your dreams are not scaring you…they are not big enough!”



Golden Nuggets:

Spend out of meeting time with other sellers, that’s where the real value happens at a conference

Irma says she purposefully does not have a warehouse, she uses an office building, she does not want to carry inventory, she wants the best that Amazon has to offer

Create a Learning Budget, where you spend time learning from others