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The Whole Marketer Ep91 - Career choices with guest Annabel Venner
13th February 2023 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Episode #91. The personal understanding topic in this episode is career choices and finding fulfilment in your role. 

Part of the Whole Marketer philosophy is developing your personal understanding – your values, your why, strengths, self-awareness, overcoming limiting beliefs – so that you can create a marketing career and life as a whole that is personal and fulfilling to you. 

By gaining clarity on these areas, you can make purposeful and intentional choices on the projects you do, the role you’re in and the organisations that you work for, so that your career is happening for you, not to you. 

Joining Abby is award-winning board-level leader, Annabel Venner, consultant and Non-Exec Director who shares her experience and career choices working for brands such as Coca-Cola and Hiscox. Plus her advice for marketers and career highs and lows. 

Host: Abigail (Abby) Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest: Annabel Venner | LinkedIn

This podcast is sponsored by Labyrinth Marketing 

The Whole Marketer podcast is here to support and empower the people behind brands and businesses with the latest technical tools, soft and leadership skills and personal understanding for a fulfilling marketing career and life as a whole. For more info go to