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5. Advanced Pricing Methods: The Intersection of Billing Strategy & Future Readiness | with Michelle Golden River
Episode 514th May 2018 • Future-Proof • Business Learning Institute
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Today we’re talking about value – and value pricing, in particular, or “Advanced Pricing Methods.”

Our profession has traditionally defined value as the amount of time spent doing something, but the idea that we should price our services in advance – based on the value those services provide to the client, NOT on how much time we spend delivering those services – is gaining traction (albeit very slowly).

But the voices calling for change ARE getting louder!

One of those voices is Michelle River, the owner of Fore, LLC, who provides education and “implementation consulting” to CPA firms that want to move from a time-based billing model to pricing their work in advance.

Despite the slow pace of change and an early reluctance in the profession to embrace it, Michelle thinks things are starting to change. We haven’t reached a tipping point yet… but you can see it from here.




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