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Ep 3: Dating patterns: Is this self-sabotage? (Ft. Ariella Serur)
25th January 2022 • That Sexciting • Yancy
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This week Yancy is joined by queer dating coach Ariella Serur. Together they discuss dating in a fulfilling and healthy way, with a focus on the queer community. Join us for a vulnerable conversation where Yancy opens up about her self-discovery, dating journey and engages in a conversation that forces one to examine their own boundaries, dating expectations and inner saboteur! 

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Sexual Greenflags explanation from Intimacy with Maya

Loops and instrumentals by J.u.D.

Books mentioned: 

Deeper dating - Ken Page 

The Ethical Slut - Janet W. Hardy

Mating In Captivity - Esther Perel

Unlonely planet - Jillian Richardson

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