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Pod 240: NEW Die-Cast Toy from David Mather Corgi Head of Brand
Episode 24016th January 2023 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Who wouldn't want a shiny die-cast Thunderbird 2, complete with Thunderbird 4 in the pod? David Mather went from playing with his in the dirt to working as the Corgi Head of Brand at Hornby Hobbies! David brings us his insight into the nostalgia phenomenon– plus a very, VERY exciting announcement!

01:07 Welcome to the Bullet Pointed Gerry Anderson Podcast!

03:03 FAB Facts from the Tome

07:57 Podsteron Bag o' Post

13:55 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

18:42 Bumper Crop of Posts from the Podcast Facebook Group

24:37 David Mather - Part One

42:54 Commenty Comment Comment Comments!

45:11 The Gerry Anderson Character Cafe with Chris Dale

1:08:18 Wrapping things up!

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