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Go Beyond Numbers - Understanding the Power of Communication with Dr. Patty Ann Tublin
Episode 1130th August 2022 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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On the latest installment of Go Beyond Numbers, we're focusing on the power of communication and how it can be leveraged to accelerate your life and your business.

We're thrilled to welcome Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, the Founder & CEO of Relationship Toolbox, LLC, for a deep dive into relationships within your business and life.

There's plenty of insightful information you can take away from our conversation, so don't miss out!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

2:20 - Welcoming Dr. Patty Ann onto the show

7:17 - Tony and Dr. Patty Ann's work with Genius Network

8:08 - The Relationship Toolbox, LLC and how they work with people

12:00 - Business partners versus personal relationships

16:01 - We all need to grow and evolve over time

19:55 - How others can hold you back

27:50 - Tony bringing in an industrial behaviorist to help a past business relationship

30:10 - The Rule of Shitty

47:42 - Where did people originally learn the art of conversation?

49:42 - Tips for business owners on dealing with remote work environments

1:00:00 - Dr. Patty Ann's hero

1:03:16 - How you can connect and learn more about Dr. Patty Ann

1:03:50 - Closing remarks

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