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“Overnight Flight Bui-Lay” by SignificantOtter (part 1 of 2) [18+]
19th September 2022 • The Voice of Dog • Rob MacWolf and guests
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[18+] While visiting a country that holds onto the backwards ideas of Pokemon as pets and unequal partners, a buizel named Calla struggles to make her own independent way. When her flight home is delayed, she must rely on a human stranger, Avi, to help her through the discriminatory customs of the Kanto airport. However, the two soon find themselves sharing a more intimate connection.

Today’s story is the first of two parts of “Overnight Flight Bui-Lay” by SignificantOtter, who writes about Pokémon and kobolds under their penname BuiTales, and has been published in anthologies such as Fang 9 by Furplanet. You can find more of their stories as BuiTales on or mentioned on their twitter, @RunningOtter.

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