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The Global Startup Movement - Startup Ecosystem Leaders, Global Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Market Innovation - Andrew Berkowitz 25th August 2020
The Future of Infrastructure in Emerging Economies - Part 1
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The Future of Infrastructure in Emerging Economies - Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part miniseries on the topic of innovation in infrastructure in emerging economies. As a result of the twin crises in public health and the global economy, inequities in the current economic paradigm have been laid bare, as have debilitating weaknesses in global supply chains delivering critical goods.

Decisions made today shape the built environment of tomorrow. The continent with the fastest growing economy today is Africa, and this will continue to increase. This week's speakers will shine a light on the African continent, share a diversity of perspectives and challenges from the private and public sector, and offer solutions for sustainable, equitable infrastructure development in the 21st century.

On this episode you'll learn:

1. How can hemp serve as a key input into Africa's growing construction and textile industries? [7:30]

2. How can Africa accelerate the velocity of capital accessible to local entrepreneurs? [11:50] 

3. What incentives do African banks have that disincentives them from giving SMEs and entrepreneurs loans [21:15]