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The Time is Ripe! Keys & Codes for Creating Your Unique Design Modality Rooted in Source
Episode 139th May 2023 • New Earth Architectress™ • Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan
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Are you a high-achieving, heart-centred woman architect or designer? Are you hearing the call to step into a new way of creating architecture? A way that's in tune with your soul's mission and your divine calling? 

Now is the time and we are the ones. 

Join me for Episode 13 of the New Earth Architectress™, where I talk about keys & codes for creating your unique design modality rooted in source.

Key nuggets:

02:13 - Step into other dimensions of truth. 

05:45 - Pulling from the wisdom that already exists in your body. 

11:03 - Dial into the necessary frequencies, keys and codes.

12:08 - A new way of being with the land.

18:31 - When we shift, we’re not alone. 

20:50 - The Goddess has been repressed.

22:15 - Reawakening ancient intelligence.

23:02 - Receive a direct tap root to source.

25:37 - What is your unique contribution?

24:45 - Women receiving transformations…I’m talking to you!

27:00 - The earth is cracking open.

29:25 - Are you seeing your new self in your dreams?

31:28 - Unraveling deliciousness and beauty!

About your Host

Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan is a licensed Architect (Türkiye), Certified Alchemical Energy Healer and the creator of The Sacred Blueprint™ - a cutting-edge vessel of courses and programs for property owners and designers to birth their dream sanctuaries through a new modality that bridges spirituality and architecture. 

She’s a sought-after expert and the only one in her field providing high-touch coaching for women architects and designers on how to partner with Nature and the Spirit of the Land to create vibrant healing homes, communities, gardens, and cities of the future.

After 20+ years successfully working in the architecture field internationally, Aisha was miserable and depleted from the grind and stress. Being fed up with seeing lifeless buildings built and land destroyed and disrespected, she listened to her inner call, took a big leap and quit her job to revolutionize a new way!  

Now, Aisha’s passionately living her mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about empowering and supporting other women architects and designers to be builders of the New Earth Architecture!

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