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Communicating with Confidence with Katrina Blowers
Episode 20717th March 2021 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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I have such a special treat for you on the podcast today. I’m joined by the incredible Katrina Blowers, an award-winning newsreader on Australia’s Channel 7, a speaker, mentor and host of the Claiming Your Confidence podcast. The media industry might be a lot of smoke and mirrors, but this girl is the real deal and knows what it takes to have true confidence.

Well known for her work in the radio and television industry, Katrina also has a passion for teaching people the power of authentic confidence, providing one-on-one coaching to help others tell their own stories. Understanding that we all have a media platform at our disposal, Katrina also runs a workshop empowering young people to master mindful and authentic use of social media.

In this episode, Katrina talks about her life growing up knowing exactly what she wanted to do and how she never really thought about confidence until she was going through a divorce and experienced a panic attack on live television. She talks about that experience and how it led her to question everything she thought she knew about confidence.

Katrina shares about her journey to recovery following the panic attack, the anxiety that followed and the game-changing discovery of meditation. We talk about not getting swept up in the narrative surrounding our thoughts and how she managed to keep going when her whole world was blowing up.

We talk about why so many women struggle with imposter syndrome and don’t believe in the power of their own stories but that every person has something powerful to share. Katrina talks about how she works with other people to build their confidence, that no one has it all together but that we can learn from each other’s experiences.


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