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How to Create Content That Grows YOUR Business… Not Your Competitors'!
Episode 1585th November 2020 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Do you create content to grow your business or to grow your competitors' businesses?

It might sound outrageous… but if you don’t create a content strategy to help your audience convert with your business, you might be sending potential customers straight into the arms of your competitors.

Your content might be great at raising awareness, but it might not be so good at getting those potential customers to convert. If your competitors have a better, clearer content strategy, then your audience will take action…. just not with you!

Your content should help people become your clients, not help them become someone else’s. 

A good content strategy prevents your leads from going elsewhere. In this podcast episode, I explain how to create a content strategy that builds your business by helping your audience become your clients.

Find out about:

  • Why your content strategy could be benefitting your competitors' businesses
  • How to set your business up to achieve an ROI on your content
  • The five steps to creating content that helps your customers convert

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