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321 | "Continuous Learning Culture" with Ori Keren from LinearB
Episode 32122nd January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. 🗨️ Empowerment Through Delegation: Learn to delegate effectively by defining clear boundaries, empowering team members, and maintaining a healthy level of involvement and oversight.
  2. 🚀 Continuous Learning and Improvement Culture: Implement a culture of constant learning and improvement, valuing self-criticism while celebrating milestones and successes.
  3. 🌀 Embracing a Behavioral Approach: Focus on defining company culture through specific behaviors rather than generic values to foster a more cohesive and aligned team dynamic.

Ori Keren, the co-founder of LinearB, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons learned in building a successful engineering organization. A key lesson was the importance of properly delegating responsibilities while remaining involved and informed. This balance is crucial for effective leadership and team empowerment. Ori also emphasizes the need for continuous learning and improvement, advocating for a culture that constantly questions and iterates while celebrating achievements.

At LinearB, the focus is on helping engineering organizations optimize their processes by identifying and addressing bottlenecks. The company uses a programmable interface that impacts the development process, making it more efficient and transparent. The primary audience for LinearB's services are engineering leaders, but the platform benefits a wide range of users, including engineering managers and developers. Ori's experiences demonstrate the importance of adaptability, clear communication, and fostering a positive company culture based on specific behavioral expectations.


00:00 Intro

00:09 The Power of Setting Up Your Team for Success

02:39 Learning from Past Failures and Acquisitions

04:20 Implementing a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

05:08 Defining Company Culture through Behaviors

07:13 Balancing Work and Life as a CEO

08:41 The Mission of LinearB and Its Target Audience

09:43 How to Connect with Ori and LinearB

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