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1-54 Forum - 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair EPISODE 7, 6th May 2018
1-54 Forum New York 2018 | Dear Photo Lover
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1-54 Forum New York 2018 | Dear Photo Lover

1-54 Forum New York

4 - 6 May 2018

Dear Photo Lover

What autonomous thing comes into being when word saunters into image, language being so approximate and superfluous? This is an invocation, an evocative ballad by writer Emmanuel Iduma; a travelogue in response to collages by Frida Orupabo, found sound, and images from a range of sources. The address is made to an ‘intimate stranger’, one who traverses a black Atlantic, mindful of Edouard Glissant’s notion that ‘the landscape of your world is the world’s landscape. But its frontier is open’.

Image: ©Katrina Sorrentino