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Generation X
Episode 12530th January 2024 • Two Geeks Two Beers • Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery
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In a time before the MCU, before X-Men, before even Blade, it was the mid-90s. Comic book adaptations were ropey at best.

One such example at trying to put superheroes on screen was this forgotten TV movie: Generation X.

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, this X-Men spinoff didn't quite set the world alight. In this episode, Morgan explains why.

We discuss:

  • More dodgy accents Don Cheadle would be proud of
  • Where did the budget go?
  • The brilliance of Sweet Valley High's theme tune
  • The strange use of 'Muffin Man' as an insult
  • Why Stretch Armstrong is a better superhero than Skin

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