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3·13 Pleasure Planet, My Mivonks ⠀ (Scratch 'n Sniff)
Episode 1329th March 2022 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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"Farscape 3·13: Scratch 'n Sniff

Farscape goes Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Pulse Pistols in a colourful tale of a drunken caper gone pear-shaped.

“Window shopping in fishnet stockings” (thanks EJ!)

They're sucking juices out of 'Red', If we don't stop them, she'll be dead, What happened last night?, Are the girls alright?, I don't believe a word you've said!” (thanks Ric from the Delta Quadrant!)

“lt's Fear and Loathing in Las Lomo! An expectation of relaxation quickly faces disintegration when intoxication, profligation, and illicit medication cause distraction and disorientation, allowing abduction, and subjugation. Without much preparation (and in spite of inebriation), our heroes undertake an investigation to discover their shipmates' location and, hopefully, secure their emancipation. Despite Pilot's disinclination, John attempts an explanation regarding their unscheduled reunification, but his disjointed recitation draws a hostile accusation of intentional obfuscation barring recohabitation.” (thanks Jenna!)“

Isn’t it find how tales after the bender get blown out of Proportion?!” (thanks The Derp Prime!)

“While exiled from Moya, John and D'Argo party hard, and wake up in a storefront. Jool and Chiana are used to create a sex drug, and the guys must save them by pretending to be rich bidders. And D'Argo meets Harvey.” (thanks Billy Roberts!)

“The crew gets more than they bargained for when they get kicked off the ship onto a planet designed for pleasure. Featuring Tim Curry level thigh-highs, an alien voyeur, extract of ecstasy, and a fitting end to a loathable villain.” (thanks Redshirtwookiee!)

“Welcome to space Vegas, but in this case what Moyas crew does on a beach-vacation-planet does not necessarily stay on a beach-vacation-planet. Watch in delight as an erotic Farscape fanfiction gets turned into a full canonical episode. Who will pass the taste test?” (thanks MatthewB!)

“The gang cuts loose while on mandatory shore leave in space Vegas and have a morning we can all relate to. The only hangover cure? Flash backs, Dutch angles, and trying Pilot's patience. Look out for Praying Mantis voyeurs, dance offs, somehow familiar pick pockets, makeovers, and big comfy chairs. And yes, he looks as good in fish nets as you imagined.” (thanks JoolCase!)

First aired on Friday, 20 July 2001, written by Lily Taylor, and directed by Tony Tilse

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