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Refocus your Brain
Episode 214th April 2020 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Microresilience: Lessons learned from Bonnie St John

Framework Number One: REFOCUS YOUR BRAIN.


·        looks at what you can do today, those little changes, that will, over time, impact the bigger plans that you are putting in place as you lead the charge for the overall resilience of your own leadership, your team and your work.

·        a powerful tool to use as you relate to your family and your friends during times of unprecedented change and stress. 

·        acknowledges, in a very practical way, that there are times that you have to recharge on the go

·        this is not about being a workaholic but it is about working very hard for a focused event or experience

·        serves you well during times of crisis when there does not seem to be a break or even an end in sight of the needs that need to be met

·        sets you up to be able to pivot even as you continue to work very hard. 

·        enables a leader to deliver a level of consistency and sustainability as fatigue sets in and you find yourself digging for your reserves.

Refocus your brain:

1.     keep from getting mentally overwhelmed

2.     manage your decision fatigue.

St John, B. (2017). Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy. Hachette, UK.

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