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EP 29 - Tom Graham: "Bitcoin is rapidly replacing the role gold has played for 60 years"
Episode 2910th February 2021 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Tom Graham is this week’s guest on Business Without Bullsh-t. With a CV length stretching from London to a small Cheese shop in Paris, Tom’s career legacy really is something.

He’s the Founder of several successful tech companies, was a Managing Partner at TLDR, a leading crypto advisory firm, a qualified Lawyer who lived and practiced in China speaking fluent Chinese, and was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School.

Tom’s wealth of knowledge and caliber of thought took the conversation to some fascinating and insightful depths covering a range of topics including the world of DeFi, the impact of Cryptocurrency and how it’s becoming Gold 2.0, why Food and Energy Security are the next spaces to be looking at for future projects and why world governments must step in and start working with social networks to regulate the dissemination of false information to protect the health of society. And that’s just this week’s dose 😉

We also flip the script and go off-topic for a quick minute to hear Andy's perspective around privilege. He speaks from experience and wears his heart on his sleeve for this one!

Pull up a chair and press play.

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