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What year had a solid gold week? Was it March 1981 or March 1995? Find out in this back and forth battle!
Episode 6925th March 2020 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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On this all-new nostalgic episode of our show, the week experience returns. This time around It’s Marc James against the world as he duels with March 12th - 18th of 1995! His opponent this week is the returning Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers Podcast! Mike searches the cosmos and brings the best of March 15th - 21st of 1981! The postman may always ring twice but Mancrush only has one final verdict on this duel when he grabs the gavel for this exciting back and forth battle! Do you think Mancrush got the picks right this time around?  Let us know! Drop us a comment on Castbox, or shoot us a message on Facebook!