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Dame Edna and Corey
Episode 3Bonus Episode22nd April 2023 • Family Twist • Corey and Kendall Stulce
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Dame Edna and Corey

Kendall and Corey were sad to hear that Barry Humphries died. Barry was best-known as Dame Edna, a character he portrayed for more than seven decades on screen and stage. We decided to post Corey's chat with Dame Edna (from 2015) - in which she knows surprisingly a lot about Corey - as a bonus episode. Rest in peace, Barry and Edna.

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Sorry, you rang me many, many times. But I was on the telephone to members of my family in Australia and there'd been a little bit of a crisis with my daughter. Oh, everything's okay. Oh, it's all right, yes. She's just been at another conviction. Stop this thing. Oh, why? That's not good. She's exiting out.


That's what they call it. Right, right. Well, aside from that, how was the day treating you? Well, it's lovely, Corey. I haven't... Thanks to you, I'm missing a bit of it. But I'm in Los Angeles, and I'm coming up the San Fran, where you live. That's right, that's right, yeah. It's lovely here. Is it alright? Yes. And, of course, I'm really looking forward to it. This is... I'm... this tour...


will be having its world premiere in San Francisco. Really?


after a producer tryout in Los Angeles. So Los Angeles is just getting a little, like a little test run and this will be in San Francisco. It's a little bit of a public business, really. So we're getting the real show. Oh no, but how is Zuniel, Phoebe and Falco? Actually they're, um...


they're sitting right next to me right here yeah it's in my office you are a gentle person you love your animals don't you i do i do they're a bit of a hamster you're a typical leo you are a typical leo gory yeah that's that's what i've been told are leo's usually considered animal people i'm not an animal person i never had an animal as a child


uh... because i've always thought scoring that people uh... and not trouble without adding the animal kingdom to add this to responsibility that makes sense


Now I was curious, have you considered for this tour changing your last name to Neverage as you seem to never age?


It never occurred to me that it also sounds like Never Age, doesn't it? It does. It does. Now, M. Edna, Never Age. Very good! Brilliant! Never thought about it. But of course, you have written for Comedy US. I mean, you've been on the show for many, many years. And you wrote Laughlines, didn't you? Oh! Lovely book.


Yeah, I did. I did write Laughlines a couple of years ago. Yes. That's strange that you knew that. By the way, when you were in St. Louis recently for the holidays, with your family and your little godson...


Has it picked up a bit? Well, obviously it's a bit run down. It's... um... it's doing okay. You know, there's always a little bit of wear and tear, but they're doing alright. There are streets there, beautiful mansions. Oh, yes. Are they still preserved? Some of them are, yes. Some of them have been well taken care of. Oh, I love them. I really did.


Anyway, I must come and visit you in Almeida. That's where you live, isn't it? Yes, it is. It's a little island near San Francisco. I've never been there. Oh, it's lovely. Is it heavenly? Absolutely, yes. Little fishing boats clustered? There are little fishing boats, yes. It seems that the new thing are people who... I've never got the point of Malibu.


Pardon? I, when I'm in San Francisco and I've got very, very good friends, does the name Crocker mean anything to you? Crocker? No? What, does the name Denise Hale? Denise Hale? That doesn't ring a bell. Cory, I'm not being snobbish, but these are high in social, socializing. I see.


And I don't think they've ever set foot on Almeida Island. Perhaps not. I think we might run in different circles. I think you do. Oh! But I go out to see Sausalito. Oh yes, that's lovely. Very nice. Because I'm a friend of Amy Tan. Oh, very nice.


And I'll be going, probably staying with Amy. Oh good, good. And I will be going to see my friend Armistead Morpin. Yes, yes. Open.


He's in New Mexico now. Yeah, I think he left the Bay Area some time ago, but he does come back for visits. He comes back and I'll be seeing Michael Tilson Thomas, a close friend. Oh good, good. And Nancy Pelosi and her husband. Oh yes. Look, Corey, I'm very well connected. I can see that.


I was- Very well-naked. You're actually in Los Angeles for a bit of time, are you, having the opportunity to catch up with any celebrity types while you're in Los Angeles? I'll be seeing some of them. Yes. Who haven't passed away. Of course, Lauren Bacall was a dear friend. Yes. Robin Williams I didn't know very much, very well. And he used to live in San Francisco. He did. He did indeed.


Sharon Stone who's moved from Frisco down to Los Angeles. Oh, very nice. Angelica Huston is one of my best buddies. Oh, she's fabulous. She is showbiz aristocracy, like me. Right, that's true. So she says, Edna, I feel like I can talk to you very naturally because we are members of the same peer group. Right.


Now this show that you're previewing now in Los Angeles, is it fair to call it an extravaganza? It is fair to call it an extravaganza. Anything I do is an extravaganza. Even if it's just me in the street. That's an extravaganza.


shopping. Right. Even if it's just me pushing a late, heavily laden cart around whole food. Does that mean you get into full dress when you go shopping the jewels and... No, I don't. I wear attractive clothing. Yes. But I wear...


it's beautifully made and of precious fabrics but it looks


Any ordinary person could afford if they got a double mortgage and it was an enormous bank loan. And I do my own shopping, Corey.


Yes, because people think that looks like they've had her, but it couldn't be because she's doing her shopping. Exactly. So they leave her alone. They would think I had some young man with little white socks and brown legs, little shorts and dyed, sticking up blonde hair, doing it for me. Right, right. But I do it myself. And I travel very lightly. I don't have an entourage. I have a gynecologist. I travel with...


That's about it. Oh, good. Well, it's better to be safe than sorry. Much better. I owe it. Look, Cory. Yes? I owe this to my public. Absolutely. I do. Are you coming to see me when I'm up there? For certain, yes. I couldn't. I wouldn't miss it. You'll bring Kendall, won't you? Oh, yeah. Of course. Yes.


I want to meet Kindle. Oh good, yes. We can arrange that. Oh please do that. Now this show... What nationality is your name? I believe it's German. It's just... Staltz, isn't it? Staltz. Yes. It must be German.


But why don't you know for certain where it comes from? Well, we have a feeling it was probably changed at some point, a little bit. A bit of the Ellis Island thing. Right, right. So I'm not sure exactly what the original spelling is, but that's the spelling that I ended up with. You see, you Americans are a bit like us as Australians. We don't delve too deeply. Right. Sometimes it's better not to know.


You might find the original one was a serial killer. Exactly, exactly. Now this extravaganza, are we to expect singing, dancing, people being shot from cannons? You get singing and dancing, new songs, beautiful new songs, and of course you'll get the floral finale, the gladiolae. And that's my signature flower, Cory, as you know. And I grow them on my farm.


in Australia. Very nice. And they are flown in. They are Australian gladiola. Oh, lovely. That would be nice. And they float. We give a thousand a night to the audience. Oh, nice. Well, perhaps a thousand a week. But that's still quite a few. It's a lot of blooms. Yes.


I would imagine as this being the farewell tour that the audience feels compelled to bring gifts. So are there any things that you would prefer they didn't bring? What? I don't want gifts. No? No gifts? They're always horrible.


audience to dress nicely. Okay, that's fair. I don't want to see dirty trainers, horrible jeans, sweatshirts. I don't want to see that type of thing. Right, okay. I want to see nice, neat dressed people. I think that's fair. Look, it's a night out. You know what it's like when you go to the theater. Absolutely. It's special.


Absolutely, now... Sir, I'm thinking if people aren't nice, it is I'm gonna send them home. Ha ha ha! Now, I'm sorry... Come back looking respectable. Sure! Speaking of dressing up, several years ago I did dress as you for Halloween and I got a lot of free drinks that night. Shoot! Very good, I bring you luck, darling. Oh, yes! You didn't make me look spooky, did you? Oh, not at all, no. I made you look fabulous. Ha ha ha!


As best as I can. I love Halloween in America. We don't do much of that in Australia. No? And I think it's a pity. Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Because it's a chance for fantasy to come into people's lives. That's true. Definitely. Now look, darling, I have to go. Okay. Because I've left the bathroom running. Oh dear, oh dear. As I hope you are, Corey. And would you promise? Yes.


Send me a little note so I can meet you and Kendall when I come to. Absolutely, absolutely. We'd be happy to. We'd be happy to, yes. We're looking forward to it. How long does it take to get to your island? Oh, less than a half an hour. Thirty minutes. Oh, I'll come out and visit you. Oh, good. That would be great. Alright. Alright. Well, thank you so much for taking this time to speak with me. Oh, that's deal, Cory. Deal. Alright. And have a wonderful... Lots of love. Thank you so much.


Bye bye.