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Black White and Blue in the South: "The Assault on Transgender Youth" Part 2
Episode 19310th February 2024 • The All About Nothing: Podcast • Barrett Gruber
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From the podcast, "Black White and Blue in the South," with Dr. Jumelle Brooks and Bill Kimler:

The South Carolina legislative session has kicked off an the top of their priority list is not poverty, or the environment, or the economy. No... the top priority to is lock down the medical profession and prevent established and necessary comprehensive treatment for transgender youth.

We welcome special guest Salley Oullette, a mother of a transgender child, and one who bravely testified in front a legislative subcommittee who held a hearing on a proposed bill that would halt the lifesaving treatment her child is currently receiving.

  • H. 4624 Gender Reassignment Procedures (
  • Sevi Alverez and cancer treatment comparison (YouTube)
  • Zoe Glass and a letter from an anonymous teen (YouTube)
  • Eric Childs, a combat vet, defends his child (YouTube)
  • Jessica Spearman fights for her kid (YouTube)
  • Salley Oullette (our guest) gives her testimony (YouTube)
  • Jim Guillfoyle would do anything for his granddaughter (YouTube)
  • Vicki Ringer lays into the committee (YouTube)
  • Elizabeth Foster pleas for her brother (YouTube)
  • Erin In The Morning News and discussion on trans legislation and life

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