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A Better Way with Kirt Roskoph of The World of Ability Podcast
Episode 6825th January 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Do you consider yourself as having a disability?

This episode of Causepods highlights a unique perspective, one where we take a look at the question "do you have a disability?" Kurt presents a view that, typically, most people will not identify as someone who has a disability unless you receive a rating from the government. 

To identify as someone with a disability means you have less abilities than others. Kurt's podcast takes that idea of less, flips it on its head, and says; let's not focus on what you don't have, but let's focus on what we do have. 

We all have abilities, and we all have disabilities that are less great than others. Not everyone has the ability to make a slam dunk in basketball, but we don't choose to label ourselves as disabled. We just simply say we are not at good. 

An episode rich in perspective, insights, hope for a better way of thinking on a globally important topic. 

Key Topics:

  • What is the back story in starting a podcast on the issue of disability (1:14)
  • How to reframe the question, "do you have a disability?" (3:42)
  • Being the voice for a cause that you don't identify as (5:45 )
  • How did a 15-year journey lead up to starting this podcast (7:27)
  • Why is empathy towards each other so hard as a society (10:08)
  • Where does someone begin to create change on such a challenging issue to move the needle (13:21)
  • When it came to podcasting, what compelled Kurt to get the message out (15:56)
  • What struggles did Kurt have to overcome to get his podcast launched (18:00)
  • Looking back, what are the memorable moments of leading this cause (21:35)
  • What made The Onward and Upward Foundation the charity of choice for this episode (23:43)
  • For others looking to start a cause-focused podcast, what is Kurt's advice to them (27:40)

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