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#65. Peacemaking and Forgiveness in the Real World
Episode 657th February 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Jonathan Bornman talks about modern day peacemaking in the real world. Who would ask for a cup of coffee when they are greeted with the words "your blood is permissible to me"?

Founder of Dove Tail Productions, Jonathan Bornman is a producer and and makes documentaries about non-violent conflict resolution, like the soon to be released film, Unexpected Peace: In Search of the Common Good.


  • About Pacifist Islamic Communities in NYC and West Africa
  • About the Fruit of Peacemaking in Indonesia, 20 Years after Seeds were Sown
  • How Forgiveness and Peacemaking are Related


Multilingual Christian Resources


Jonathan grew up in a Mennonite family in Indiana working on local farms and in his father’s masonry business. When he graduated from high school his eyes were opened to the world through a one-year cross-cultural service and learning opportunity in Brazil where he discovered a love of language and culture. Jonathan and his wife, Carol, served in Burkina Faso (1991-94) developing water resources. There, Jonathan learned French as well as a smattering of local language greetings and gained an understanding of African Traditional Religion, Islam and Christianity in Africa by living in a mixed community.

After earning a master’s degree in intercultural studies with a focus on Islam, Jonathan served with his family in Senegal from 1999-2009 as a Bible teacher. In 2013, Jonathan joined Eastern Mennonite Missions’ newly formed Christian-Muslim Relations Team and was privileged to be mentored by Dr. David W. Shenk (author, speaker and innovative thinker on interfaith relations). This work expanded his international experience to 37 countries and four continents.

His expertise includes nonviolence in Islam, Sufi Islam, missiology, immigration, and Christian-Muslim encounters. Jonathan is a connector who works to build bridges and equip people to participate in Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation, peacemaking and seeking the common good. He has a PhD from Middlesex University (Social Anthropology).

Inspired to harness the power of cinema to create a better world for people of all backgrounds, Jonathan founded Dove Tale Productions in 2021.


  • Producer - The Allies for Peace video series
  • Producer and Host - A search for peace, a Palestinian perspective on nonviolent conflict resolution




01:52 - Young Parents Raising Third Culture Kids

03:34 - Mission of EMM's Christian Muslim Relations Team

06:03 - Mennonite Traditions in Peacemaking

08:47 - Jesus Would not Kill a Muslim

09:26 - Unexpected Peace, Telling Three Stories

10:26 - 1. Amish Children Victimized by Violence

11:33 - 2. Pacifists Muslim Community in Little Senegal, NYC

12:55 - 3. How Interfaith Relations Have Transformed Indonesia

13:32 - Your Blood is Permissible to Me

14:56 - Discovering Forgiveness in Non-Violence

15:56 - Discovering Muslim Pacifists that Operate in the Modern World

19:53 - But...How Would You Respond to a Violent Attack?

21:47 - But...They are Tricking You

24:20 - Starting with God's Image in Your Neighbor

25:39 - Jesus Spoke to a Person's Need

26:47 - Peacemaking in NYC

27:18 - Mennonites Engaging the Community in Harlem

28:35 - Christians Dealing with Violence

29:31 - Who Does Jesus Love?

31:32 - The Costly Way of Jesus

32:16 - 3 Basics of Discipleship

33:31 - Connecting with Jonathan Bornman and EMM

35:56 - The Joke's on Who?


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