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How to set goals as an intuitive and sensitive entrepreneur
Episode 2119th June 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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In today's podcast episode I speak about goal setting as a sensitive and intuitive entrepreneur. This is such a biggie for the less strategic and more intuitive people. We are all about feelings and emotions and following intuition. Many of us struggle with numbers, achieving goals, creating strategies and then doing step 1-5 to get there.

I will highlight the three problems sensitive and intuitive entrepreneurs have with goal setting and give you an alternative, a solution how to fall in love with goals.

Because goals are beautiful, they can help you and your business tremendously. You just have to know how to deal with them, how to apply them and how to see and experience them. 

So, how do we bring them together, intuition, freedom and goals?! The intuitive/creative and the analytic? Free flow and numbers? The left and right part of the brain? Listen in on this episode!

Enjoy and much love!




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