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The FAFSA Challenge
Episode 2413th February 2024 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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  • Patty DaSilva, School Counseling Consultant
  • Gillian Moody, Harrison HS School Counseling Dept. Chair

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  • [01:00] Rising Cost of Education
  • [03:32] Thinking Ahead
  • [06:20] Means Testing
  • [08:05] FAFSA Example
  • [09:37] Jobs on Campus
  • [10:28] Changes to FAFSA
  • [13:03] Delays and Concerns
  • [14:05] Abundant Resources
  • [15:56] Gaming the System
  • [17:14] Georgia Futures & Other Resources
  • [19:37] Scholarships Aren't Just for Brainiacs!

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