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Apryl Beverly's 'I Want All The Sales Campaign'
Episode 6016th December 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Known as the ‘Million-dollar Word Stylist’, Apryl Beverly is QUEEN when it comes to sales and marketing content.

A twice Amazon best seller and having helped generate over $22 million for her clients, Apryl knows exactly how to hit the sweet spot when it comes to selling through email marketing and that’s exactly what she is going to be sharing with us today…her incredible (and incredibly effective!) “I want all of the sales” campaign.

So, if you’re looking for a quick cash injection in your business at any time of the year and you want to nail it through your email campaigns, you do not want to miss this episode…

Apryl Beverly

Episode Content

  • (02:45) Kennedy has really set the bar with this week’s two lies and a truth. Rob is totally stumped!
  • (05:27) So what exactly is the “I want all of the sales campaign” and how could it be perfect for you?
  • (06:40) When is the best time to use this campaign?
  • (08:29) The general set up. This is quite different to our own campaign….but we like it.
  • (09:45) What should you be looking to achieve with the very first email?
  • (11:19) It’s email number two or as Apryl likes to call it… ‘Club Day’
  • (13:26) It’s email three and you can do one of three things…
  • (16:17) Email number four is straight up no fluff, and this approach is sometimes exactly what is needed to get results. 
  • (17:29) The last two nudge emails can have people pouring in if you do these correctly. 
  • (19:07) What is the angle of the magical last email? 
  • (19:53) Countdown timers – yay or nay? Apryl gives her view.
  • (21:04) The most effective subject line for Apryl. 

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