Nina Koltnow makes the practice of math fun!
Episode 1421st December 2023 • Ritual of Practice • Angela Houghton
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Nina lives in Washington DC and makes a living tutoring math. Nina and I became friends during the pandemic, when she and her husband started attending my yoga classes via Zoom. She also owns property in the town where I live, Moab, and visits annually for the Moab Music Festival .

I have enjoyed going on hikes with Nina during her annual visits the past few years. During her last visit, I shared about the intention of my podcast, and she became excited about sharing the practice of math.

It was an absolute delight to talk with Nina about her work as an instructor of math and how she plays with it, and practices it, in her everyday life. This interview broadened my perspective of education and invited a playfulness to the practice of math through puzzles and games.




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