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412 - The Unbelievable Pain of Leaving Your First Love
Episode 4123rd August 2017 • Leaving Laodicea • Steve McCranie
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Jesus’ Letter to the Church at Ephesus

The first of Jesus’ seven letters to the churches in the Revelation reveal more about each of us than we often care to admit. The letter to Ephesus has this chilling assessment from the Lord:

“Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love” (Revelation 2:4).

Ouch. In spite of this church standing firm against heresy and faithfully persevering under great trials, the Lord holds something against them. He is hurt, angry, almost unforgiving. He must feel rejected and forgotten. Why? Because the church in Ephesus, the early church, the church that still had members that knew the Lord personally had left and forsaken the very one they claimed to love. He said, “Nevertheless I have this against you, (what) that you have left your first love.” And that first love was Jesus.

Do you remember what it was like when you first came to Christ? Do you remember the joy, the exuberance, the passion and full commitment you felt towards Him? And do you remember the promises you made in sheer gratitude for what He had done for you?

Do you remember any of this?

The Pain of Searing Loss

Now look at your life. Are you still as passionate? Are you still giddy in love with Him? Are you closer to the Lord today than at any other time in your life? If not, you’ve done more than simply plateaued. You’ve left and forsaken your first love. And in doing so, the Lord now has something “against” you.

If I were you, I’d not rest until I made this right with Him. Do you know how? If not, then keep listening.

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