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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 3rd December 2018
The Medicine of Motion • Renee Klorman • Qi061
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The Medicine of Motion • Renee Klorman • Qi061

We tend to think of movement in mechanical terms. How this muscle contracts, how blood perfuses a certain kind of tissue or how tendons and bones allow for particular kinds of movement.

But beyond this we we can see that movement is a kind of vocabulary of the body. It has nuance or not. It has a range of expression or not. And just like micro-nutrients are vital to our metabolism, so to micro movements are vital to our physical wellbeing and nervous system.

Today’s conversation is not about taichi or qi gong, but about another kind of “kung fu” another kind of attentive focus on movement and movement practices that can help us to heal ourselves and our patients.

Listen in to this conversation on how a modern perspective on movement goes hand in glove with our traditional medicine.


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