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319 | "The Rising Costs of AI Talent" with Marc Banoub from Lyrise
Episode 31920th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. Identify Market Gaps and Opportunities: Marc Banoub recognized a significant gap in the AI talent market between supply in the Middle East and Africa and demand in North America and Europe, leading to the creation of Lyrise.
  2. Leverage Global Talent for Cost-Effective Solutions: Lyrise demonstrates that hiring AI experts from emerging markets like Africa can provide quality work at a fraction of the cost compared to the US market.
  3. Adaptability and Quick Response to Market Needs: The success of Lyrise is attributed to adapting quickly to market demands, understanding the specific needs of businesses, and providing expert AI solutions.

Episode Summary:

Marc Banoub's journey to founding Lyrise began with a personal challenge: finding an advanced AI job in the Middle East. Despite the lack of opportunities, his participation in an MIT deep technology boot camp in Boston opened his eyes to the vast unmet demand for AI talent in North America and Europe. Banoub realized the potential of connecting this demand with the abundant supply of talent in the Middle East and Africa. Lyrise was born out of this realization, aiming to bridge this geographical gap in the AI talent market.

Banoub's initial success came from swiftly assembling a top AI team for a Silicon Valley startup at a third of the cost and time. This achievement led to Lyrise gaining traction, featuring in Forbes, and receiving backing from notable accelerators like Google and Techstars. The platform grew rapidly, attracting 3,000 talents and serving customers across multiple countries. Lyrise's mission is to augment intelligence by making AI accessible to every business, addressing the disparity between talent availability and demand.


00:00 Intro

00:10 The Founding Story of Lyrise

00:41 The Journey to Success

03:30 The Future of Lyrise and Scaling Up

04:44 Advice to Younger Self

05:53 The Demand and Supply of AI Talent

06:16 The Impact of Geography on AI Talent

07:05 The Cost of AI Talent

09:26 The Power of AI and Market Adoption

10:42 How to Get Started with AI

11:15 Contact Lyrise

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