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Technological Advancements That Will Impact the Future of Marketing with James Bullis
Episode 30928th February 2023 • The DigitalMarketer Podcast • Scalable Media Network
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What is the future of marketing? With the many technological tools available today, marketers have so many chances to optimize their marketing efforts. 

But such tools, like ChatGPT, do not negate the need for traditional marketing techniques that focus on consumer behavior. 

So a good marketer needs to start by understanding his customer and diving deep into the Customer Value Journey (CVJ), which is the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. 

In this episode of The DigitalMarketer Podcast, host Mark de Grasse interviews James Bullis, founder and CEO of Ventin Webmaster Solutions, which specializes in building websites that help businesses grow.

James has over 25 years of experience in web design and development, and he understands the importance of websites in reaching your target market and achieving your business goals.

Tune in and discover how going back to the basics of marketing while embracing new technology can work wonders for your business. Enjoy the episode!

Key Takeaways:

00:50 - Can anyone really master the web? Why is James bringing back the “webmaster”?

07:00 - Discover the secret to effective marketing

12:14 - James talks about the process that went into rebranding his business, why he's switching to the subscription model, and how he's applying CVJ to his process

15:00 - How ChatGPT helped James create his vision statement and understand his customer 

18:39 - Technological developments that have the potential to solve the big problems in this world

25:10 - Old School Marketers vs. New School Marketers

26:34 - A timeless piece of advice to anyone who wants to get into marketing 


-Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz -

-Time's Up!: The Subscription Business Model for Professional Firms by Paul Dunn and Ronald Baker -

-Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins -

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