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BrokerageLink - Why are YOU NOT doing This?
Episode 2915th March 2022 • TIAA Simplified for HigherEd • Greg Shepard
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In this episode, Greg brings up a topic discussed in an older podcast episode - BrokerageLink.

Maybe the "stay at home" phase of the pandemic was the catalyst to more interest in the stock market? Maybe there's just more education around the BrokerageLink feature?

Whatever the case, there's been a lot more interest in this awesome feature in higher ed retirement plans across the country.

Listen as I share with you my top 3 favorite reasons to be in BrokerageLink. In this episode, you'll learn if you can access ETF's in your BrokerageLink - a little known secret to many employees.

Learn how to possibly lower your costs and get access to just about any sector you can think of. On top of that, open the window to THOUSANDS of investment options.

Interested? Listen to this short podcast to help become an expert in your retirement plan.

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Want to find out if / how you can take advantage of BrokerageLink? Click on my calendar below for a short phone converstion.


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