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The Strology Show - The Strology EPISODE 15, 30th November 2020
15. Lunar Nodes & Eclipses

15. Lunar Nodes & Eclipses

The Strology Show Season 1 Finale is here! Previous guests of the show Bear Ryver, Diana Rose Harper & Sabrina Monarch join Kirah again to discuss the lunar nodes and eclipses.

The discussion starts off with a discussion about the nodes and what they mean in the birth chart, planets square the nodes, and nodal synastry (aka nodal contact).

In the second part of the interview, they discuss eclipses and what tends to happen around eclipses.

Kirah will be back with Season 2 of The Strology Show in February 2021! Until then be sure to catch up on all 15 episodes of Season!

Check out the December webinars for Fresh Voices In Astrology featuring Sabrina Monarch on 12/5 speaking about The Craft of Astrological Writing & Forecasting and Mo on 12/19 speaking on The Place of Acquisition aka The 11th House.

Bear Ryver


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Sabrina Monarch


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