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Siim Land Talks About Extreme Cold Exposure, Saunas, Longevity and Lifespan, Hormesis, Zone 2 Training, Fasting, Routines and More
14th January 2022 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Siim Land is an author, speaker and consultant from Estonia. He's written many books about biohacking and health optimization such as Metabolic Autophagy, Stronger by Stress, The Immunity Fix, The Mineral Fix and WIN.

In this episode, you'll learn:

-The benefits of hot and cold contrast directly after a workout...03:00

-Siim's current focus is longevity and lifespan...08:45

-Initial passion was stress adaptation and hormesis...10:00

-Thinking of stress in a positive way; shed the negative connotations...11:50

-Go to strategies for creating stress to come back bigger, better, and stronger...16:30

-Jay and Siim are both big fans of Zone 2 training. Here's why...21:30

-Siim's means of measuring recovery; objective vs. subjective data...24:00

-Other strategies for hormesis and xenohormesis...27:20

-Stressing the body through certain foods, can you go too far?...30:30

-What the Kale? Sensitivity to oxalates can cause GI distress; take it from Jay...35:00

-Fasting: how we can use it for stress resiliency...38:00

-Mental clarity benefits of fasting and a liberating sense of empowerment...44:00

-Post-fasting physiological responses; avoid the binge...46:30

-Daily routine for bio-hacking, health optimizing Siim Land...49:40

-Meditation and breath work done formally for a time builds effortless habits for life...53:10

-Siim's new book he co-authored: WIN; a blueprint for creating an athletic and fit body...56:00

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Siim's new book: WIN

Siim's book: The Immunity Fix

Siim's book: Stronger By Stress

Siim's book: Metabolic Autophagy



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