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32: Interview with Shmuel Veffer, Inventor of the Kosher Lamp & Entrepreneur
17th January 2016 • The Frum Entrepreneur • Nachum Kligman
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Ever wonder how the Kosher (Shabbos) Lamp came to be? Do you know who sold the very first Apple Macintosh computer in Israel? In this interview with Shmuel Veffer we learn all about his history from being a Rabbi in Aish HaTorah, being part of computer history in Israel, to creating one of the most famous Kosher (non-food) products of this generation, to running a tzimmer geared for the frum anglo and his latest venture selling top quality Olive Oil from Israel to supporters of Israel in the United States. Tons of value and business advice you don’t want to miss!

NAME: Shmuel Veffer

Company: Galilee Green

LinkedIn: Shmuel on LinkedIn

His Tzimmer: Villa Rimona

Real Estate Firm: Village Israel

People & Companies Named in this Episode


Kosher Lamp

AISH HaTorah

The University of Waterloo


DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)

Intel 8086 CHIP

Aish Toronto

Boruch Rabinowitz

Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Apple Lisa

Rabbi Pinchas Winston and Shmuel Veffer Digital Version of The Unbroken Chain of Jewish History

Neveh Zion

Neve Yerushalayim

Rabbi Yisroel Ciner

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Executive Learning Center (Aish HaTorah)

The Village Shul Toronto

Shaare Zedek Hospital


Moshe (Lou) Orzech

Eli Veffer

Micah Smith

Shoot East

Rabbi Shlomo Eliyahu Miller

AJOP Convention

Kosher Clock

Shabbos Toothbrush

Bug Checker

Natan Neppe

Nili Abrahams

Daniel Gefen – Outsourcing Your Business

Galilee Green Olive Oil


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