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Passion, Purpose, and a Plan
Episode 527th January 2024 • HeadRoom • LCC Connect
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Demarquis Battle, Advisor working in Financial Aid at Lansing Community College, describes his circuitous journey through higher education from playing college football and aspiring to run a Fortune 500 company, to discovering that he instead wanted to focus on serving people as a servant-leader. Daring to make a major occupational change in college, he found that his family and friends were there to support him, and he has taken his passion into higher education to help students find their own passion in life, too. 

He recommends practicing positivity versus complaining. At this point in his life, he is trying to develop his ability, as a primary reaction, to practice making lemonade out of lemons. Negativity can become overwhelming, but in shifting to an attitude of gratitude one can find ways to experience joy even while in the middle of a storm.  

Finally, DeMarquis talks about the power of being in person with another human being absent technology. He describes 3 types of foundational relationships: 1) an “up” relationship with a mentor, 2) a “down” relationship with someone whom you can mentor, and 3) a “horizontal” relationship with someone whom you can share the journey of life with alongside one another. He concludes this interview by talking about the necessity of finding one’s passion and purpose.