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Speak Up And Dribble - Authentic Leadership and Corporate Advocacy
Episode 13119th March 2024 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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When the line between corporate power and societal responsibility blurs, leaders must navigate the terrain with both integrity and strategic insight. Join me, Dino Cattaneo, as we traverse the complex world of leadership in the context of corporate social responsibility.

Unpack the history of businesses influencing politics, the essential nature of accountability, and why actions like those of Disney, Bud Light and Goya have sparked such intense debate. In a time where every silence and statement is amplified, we scrutinize the delicate balance companies must strike between being authentic and protecting their brand.

We talk about corporate advocacy, the current context, some of the pitfalls to avoid and we offer a set of questions and a framework that leaders can use to decide whether and how to engage in specific topics.


(00:10) - Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership

(08:16) - Corporate Advocacy in a Turbulent World

(17:55) - Decision-Making Framework for Social Issues

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Authentic Leadership For Everyday People / Dino Cattaneo

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