Reimagining Clinical Research with Katherine Vandebelt
Episode 6920th October 2022 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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A fresh spotlight is on clinical research on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Katherine Vandebelt, Global Vice President of Innovation at Oracle, shares how she is innovating clinical research participation through inclusive, accessible, and human-centered practices.

In this episode, Katherine highlights the challenges of recruitment and retention of clinical research participants. She reflects on the stress that arrives alongside health conditions, diagnoses, and deciding a treatment path. Katherine shares her people-oriented approach to innovation and acknowledges our aversion to change. 

  • (1:22) – Global VP of Innovation at Oracle
  • (3:30) – Getting to know patients
  • (5:28) – The impact of Bill C-22
  • (8:50) – Reflecting the actual population
  • (11:57) – Health advocates and connection
  • (15:04) – Communication and knowledge-building
  • (20:36) – Deciding focus areas of innovation
  • (24:32) – Thinking about “when”
  • (29:34) – Addressing change

Katherine Vandebelt is the Global Vice President of Innovation at Oracle. Katherine's niche is in pharmaceutical clinical development and transforming organizations to meet aggressive financial and operational goals. She is also the host of The Latest Dose podcast. Katherine earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and physiology at the University of Toronto.

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